Caws Cenarth Perl Las Mini 200g

Caws Cenarth Perl Las Mini 200g

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Perl Las is probably our best know Cheese along with its creamier sister Perl wen. Perl Las is a superb blue cheese, golden in colour, with a creamy, gently salty taste that grows stronger with maturity.

This blue veined cheese differs from most bold British blues. First a rich creaminess followed by a short saltiness then the blue tones with a delicate lingering flavour.

As the Perl Las matures the texture becomes fudge like, allowing the cheese to melt on the tongue. This allows a subtle increase in the spicy lingering blue overtones.

Served at room temperature a prerequisite for any cheese board. Great melted onto a steak, or in a sauce. Add to a classic a salad dressing. Adds pizzazz and depth of flavour to a range of vegetarian dishes.

  • Vegetarian - Yes

  • Pasteurised - Yes

  • Milk Type - Cow

  • Organic - Yes

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