Meet Gaius Minimus

Let me introduce myself. I am Gaius Minimus. Think of me as a child of our shared planet. These are
my thoughts, musings and views on our world and of humanity’s place within it.
I will not hide the depth of my love for this planet of ours. It is an amazing and wondrous place. A
cradle of life which has nurtured humanity and a vast multitude of other life for countless millenia.
It is a home to be proud of and infinitely worthy of our love, care and respect.
But I am no eco-warrior, you will not find me manning the barricades. I do believe we must change
the way we live quickly and positively so that we can reverse course and start to protect and nurture
our planet. I am also intent on persuading others of this need.
I firmly believe that we must look after our world if we want it to look after us and future
generations. I am not convinced that we are on the right path to do this quickly or effectively. We
need to effect fundamental cultural, economic and political changes so that we can continue to
survive and thrive.
My mission is to persuade , cajole and convince others of the need to change immediately to
preserve our future. If I can sway just one person I will consider the effort worthwhile.
If you take the time to read my thoughts, thank you for doing so. If you think they’re interesting
enough to share with others, thank you again. If you are persuaded, fantastic. If you also choose to
try and persuade others, better yet.
If you disagree this is also welcome, please share your thoughts but do your research properly and
only bring well informed opinions to the table. Irrational prejudice and poorly informed, weak
arguments will be ignored.
Next time - the first half of a two part discussion on the nature of our relationship with the planet.

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