Apple Juice - living the 'Treehouse lifestyle'

At the Treehouse, we are fortunate to attract a certain type of person to work for us. 
They are often interested in a wholesome and natural way of living, regularly hard working and always awesome! 
In our garden we had apples falling, the gardening team immediately jumped to action to resolve the situation. 
They obtained an apple press and we made apple juice :)

Due to working outdoors with volunteers, there was no way we could sell the apple juice, but it was a great way to reward our kind volunteers and to entertain our children.
I'd love to say that was all, but I really enjoyed the whole thing myself! It was just a really wholesome way to put off admin work and get outside in the garden for a few hours. 
We got the chance to learn something new and preserve a fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste. 

This is very typical of Treehouse. It's full of every day activists and massive foodies. We all have something to teach each other. It's great.

The truth is not only is Treehouse shaped by the people who work there, but it shapes us too. 
Once you get involved, you can see all the ways your behaviours influence the world. We work, on so many levels, at effecting our community and health. The growers and customers always have something new to teach us. We are always  putting into action the things we learn. 

Apple pressing in the Treehouse garden was just another way to show me how beautiful food can be. It got us together and enhanced our pleasure from nature. 
I love this place, the people I meet and the opportunities both these things create - 3 cheers for the Treehouse lifestyle. 


The Treehouse garden, by the way, while hardly urban is far from a farm. 
It is just a poly tunnel and some land, lovingly nurtured by Ruby and her team of volunteers. Generously donated by our neighbours and business partners Gwern and Alex. Yes, this is our garden. What a perfect place for our 2 year old daughter to roam and our chickens to feed from. 

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