8 cost effective and quirky childrens stocking fillers from us!

We have a few nice little bits that would be suitable for little peoples little gifts this Christmas. I'm also going to take inspiration from my own childhood in addition to what I see in our store to offer you some interesting ideas. 

Dolphin and Whale whistles 
£4.99 each
Whale whistle by plan toys

An invitation to discuss sea creatures in addition to auditory stimulation! 
Made by Plan toys who create environmentally friendly toys!


I can imagine this one raising some eyebrows. I used to get a new toothbrush in my stocking every Christmas and I used to love it. It would renew inspiration in brushing my teeth too - bonus. Seems like a win-win to me *shrug*


sonett bio bubbles for children

A classic! These ones from Sonnett make really good bubbles (tried and tested in our house) and are environmentally friendly too!

Paint & inspiration from nature!

rock art attack painted rocks


Rocks and acrylic paints seem to keep kids busy for ages. We don't sell paints ( I can recommend Clements, in town) but this feels like a good (& low budget) idea to me!

Photo credit: Rock art attack - etsy. Small fish painted pebble

Mini construction tin


Plan toys mini construction set in a tin

Another from Plan toys. This is good for keeping small hands busy in the car. I quite like playing with my daughters set too! Hehe


bunch of organic bananas

This was something of a luxury in our household growing up. As it used to be for many when the tradition of giving oranges for Christmas was common. My feelings are it's an interesting way to give thanks. To discuss with our children what's important. Maybe your children already eat fruit all the time - Why not give them a quirkier fruit in their stocking? A pomegranate? A Persimmon? Interesting at least :)


Cacao bean

Instead of a regular hot chocolate, why not share the raw, nutritious version with your family. Cacao is rich in potassium, iron, protein & magnesium. 
Your children will benefit from these nutrients as well as the Cacao being sugar free!
You can still make it with milk and vanilla - even a little maple or agave for a refined sugar free, sweet drink. In our house, we make it with chilli powder, just like the Olmecs and Toltecs used to. My 2 year old even enjoys it! 
Drinking this with your family could be a good time to discuss this ancient practise and the culture surrounding it- they may be enthralled by the gory side of the history too!


Pretty usual I suppose? Do children even like receiving socks? 
Well, if yours do we have some lovely wooly ones with or without floor grippers for running around and keeping warm at the same time. 
They come from Hirsch natur. They should be cared for differently - by hand if possible and less frequently than usual socks. Once in a blue moon its said. Now, I know this sounds gross. But the idea is that sheeps wool is naturally antibacterial. If you hang them on the line for a good airing - the dust should just shake out. Sniff them - they don't smell. 
These ones will last a heck of a lot longer if cared for correctly too! 


Whatever you choose this Christmas, be mindful of your consumer choices, giving preference to buying local where you can. Most importantly have a lovely Christmas. 

Nadolig llawen!



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