Our Story

Treehouse was established when some local growers decided to showcase their produce for themselves. In 1991 Treehouse, the salad bar, opened to sell fantastic, organic salads and then expanded to sell really good produce at fair prices.

Adam, the previous owner, bought Treehouse 12 years ago and maintained the impeccable reputation for ethical conduct and yummy food.

Recently, Gwern, a local entrepreneur along with Jim & Morganne, a married couple with a passion for food, recently purchased Treehouse, inheriting a well-established organic food legacy with a loyal following and great potential.

The new owners, alongside our long-standing, devoted team, look forward to continuing the excellent calibre of food delivery and customer service.

Our Promise

We really care about our food and how it’s grown. That’s why we’ll always buy local where we can so that the produce on our shelves is as fresh as possible. We are committed to reducing the size of our footprint on the earth; reducing food miles, waste and unnecessary packaging.

Fairtrade is important to us too – we want our producers here in Wales and those in other countries to get a fair wage for their work.

But we won’t compromise on taste and value – our top concern is that you, our customers, should get the food and service you deserve. And that’s a promise!